50 Innovators of the Year 2022

BeeSeen is Your Total Solutions Provider

Savvy executives understand that not all business challenges can be resolved from inside your organization and are not afraid of the phrase “not invented here”. They rely on external experts or strategic advisors to know their internal business, know the external marketplace, and have the domain expertise to combine this knowledge into strategies that will work for today and the long term.

BeeSeen Solutions is a Full-Service Strategic Advisory delivering a full suite of solutions such as but not limited to Digital Marketing, Consulting, Target Lead Generation, IT Development, Sales and Marketing, Call Center Services, Business Development and Intelligent Automation Solutions.

BeeSeen Solutions remain focused on being a Go to Partner that delivers uncompromised results through its dedicated approach, and operational strategies. With a continued commitment to their clients and prospective partners, the team provides continued reinvestments in their people, processes and platform. By providing Best in Class Solutions that can help disrupt industries they understand what it takes to drive a successful partnership.

We got in touch with Peter Pinto, Co-Founder, to understand more about the company

Q. What is your definition of innovation?

We are constantly trying to improve as a company and individuals. We believe in creating efficiencies that support an ease of doing business regardless of the service being provided. We put an emphasis on what would be disruptive to the marketplace, and offer breakthrough solutions supported with extensive research. At the end of the day, we need to ensure the innovation is sustainable and evergreen.

Q. What according to you is a good innovation strategy for the company to see best results?

In our view a good innovation strategy starts with basic research to understand where pain points are and how they can be improved upon. We are always looking for ways to come up with new ideas and technologies that will increase productivity, enhance compliance, create an ease of doing business, while ensuring a positive customer experience.

Q. How did you get the idea of setting up BeeSeen Solutions?

When we first launched BSS, we were focused on offering Digital Marketing Strategies to help businesses improve their online visibility, create brand awareness, and help drive new sales through the internet. Over the last 7 years, we have grown quite a bit, by listening to our clients, learning from our mistakes, being nimble to change and always being open minded to new ideas. It has allowed us to evolve into now being a Digital Agency along with a Strategic Advisory supporting a full suite of digital and outsourcing options clients can take advantage of. We now have a global footprint that can support front, middle and back office and provide clients with next generation solutions to enhance their company and do more with less.

Explain about the challenges the company faced initially and how it overcame them. 

When we launched BSS, there was no private equity or outside funding, it was bootstrapped. It was already becoming a competitive space however what we learned was many were selling the same cookie cutter services fighting for similar market share. It became a race to the bottom with companies selling services at lower prices just to win business. That was not something we wanted to get into, while at the same time understood we needed to differentiate ourselves. Through consistent reinvestment and staying connected we started to develop a positive momentum. We learned a lot through those years as it helped shape us. It also gave us exposure to working with diverse partners that at the end of the day have the same goals and aspirations. Be the best at what they do, be as efficient as they can be and provide a positive customer experience. If developing that was as simple as it sounds I would have a lot less gray hair.

It is amazing that you have come up with an all-in-one platform. Brief us about your solutions and the advantages of the all-in-one concept. 

We believe it goes back to the topic of innovation. When we first started to where we are, our company looks much different on the outside; however on the inside we are the same passionate, entrepreneurial minds who remain dedicated to being a solution clients can count on. When we started we focused on the front end with digital marketing services for clients which we still do today, and do it very well. However through communicating with our clients, listening to their pain points, and taking a consultative approach we had seen a window of opportunity open up that allowed for expansion into being a strategic advisory that now can offer end to end support, strategic staffing solutions and a full suite of next gen technologies that deliver the highest levels of customer experience.

Shed light on your digital marketing and other services.

Our Digital Marketing Services consist of SEO, Social Media Management, Website Design/development, Content Marketing, Text and Email Marketing, Target Lead and Demand Generation, ADA Compliance, and Website Support/Hosting. We also provide a full suite of services to clients such as but not limited to strategic staffing solutions in Customer Service, Revenue Cycle Management, Claims Denials, Originations, Process Automation, Underwriting, A/R Follow Up, Bookkeeping, IT Development, Lead Generation, Virtual Assistant, and Appointment Setting.

Q. How has technology played an integral role in BeeSeen Solutions 

Technology and the reinvestment into technology will always be critical to our success and we believe that true to be of any company regardless of shape and size. We embrace next gen technologies to help deliver transparency, efficiency and compliance while allowing it to empower our team members.  In return it allows us to be more productive, and focus on providing the highest levels of service we can to each and every one of our clients.

Q. What does the company have to say?

The team at BeeSeen Solutions has over 75 year of combined business experience working with clients across a variety of industries. Our success is supported with a proven track record in what their relationships continue to say about working with them. We have developed startup companies and helped transform them into multimillion dollar revenue organizations. Through strong experience working in a global network we understand the importance of communicating and executing to achieve our partners highest levels of expectations.

We thrive on seeing hard work and visions come to reality. Working with people is a passion of ours and cultivating relationships is something we believe builds long term success. Through our diverse backgrounds and holding leadership positions, we have experience in a multitude of areas to support BPO and BPM offerings for clients across diverse industries such as but not limited to Healthcare, Hospitality, Staffing, Mortgage, Media, Franchises, PR, Retail, B2B, Financial Technology, and Financial Services.

Let’s do something great together!

Peter Pinto Co-Founder

“We are so grateful to have such a talented team working together with such passion and dedication towards all of our relationships. It is humbling to see everyone’s efforts on a daily basis”  It was Henry Ford who said ‘Coming Together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success.” That saying is one we live and breathe while never taking for granted.

“We believe in an approach of being large enough to serve, and small enough to care for all relationships.”

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