Record and attribute phone lead across
multiple campaigns and sources

Call Tracking Services Huntington New York

In today’s marketplace, you have to make accurate and intelligent decisions. Marketing could be a large expense for businesses, but it is like throwing money away when executed poorly.
BeeSeen Solutions leads tracking resources to help business owners see which channels are productive and need to be adjusted. With BeeSeen Solutions, you can market intelligently, with minimal effort.

Robust Metrics for Online and Offline Tracking Campaigns

Ever wonder how powerful it would be to get the same data and information for your calls that you typically get from web analytics? Yes, with BeeSeen Solutions, you will find all the metrics that will help you focus n expanding your marketing goals.
At BeeSeen Solutions, we enable you to track your important leads on both online and offline channels. With an advanced call tracking services, we make sure to measure the customer’s journey with your company and enlist the call tracking details, bringing you all the big data.

Track Leads Generated From



Print & TV

Social Media

Implement Call Tracking

As a business owners or a marketing director, you can struggle to understand which marketing channels are productive, and which are not.
BeeSeen Solutions phone call conversion tracking solves this problem. While other conversion tracking options can identify the source of web-based leads, BeeSeen Solutions can identify the origin of the phone-based leads as well.

Get Advance Call Tracking Features At BeeSeen Solutions

Call tracking services allows the business to measure all the effectiveness and further utilize them to increase their ROI. BeeSeen Solutions gets you the advanced features that take your business to another level.

Customer Tracking

BeeSeen Solutions’ this feature offers you the adaptability to choose the keywords you want to display in your calls. If you introduced a new product or service, you might want to promote it. With this advanced technique of BeesSeen Solutions, you can use the keywords for your products to ensure your salesperson prepares the correct surety for the demos and calls. This gets easy by delving into that part of the conversation where the customer mentioned the keyword.

IVR and Ping Tree System

With this tool, you can track the ping tree system and inbound calls, analyze the pros and cons of the conversation, assess your representative, and then transmit these calls based on your ping-tree design to the suitable call centers the agents.

Call Details

We understand due to other work commitments; you may miss out on listening to the call recordings. When you are fully involved in your business, you cannot afford to miss listening to the call recordings either. Well, you did not need to worry because BeeSeen Solutions provides you a verse call transcription tool that lets you transcribe your call recordings, receiving all the insight of the conversation. This will lead you to inspect the important sources giving you quality conversions.

Demographic Call Distribution

Every customer is crucial, and thus, each of them needs to be addressed properly. BeeSeen Solutions this call tracking software uses the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to conduct the customer’s call according to their demographics. For instance, if a particular area pin code requires a specific call center to be consigned, this will easily get done through this tracking platform.

Other Web Reporting

BeeSeen Solutions has all the advanced software in its kit providing essential actions like publishers, buyers, and other campaign performances. These excellent call tracking tools will allow you to know the insight trends required for your marketing strategies. Our skillful team also assures you to get the reports that let you know about your keyword performances, advertisement details, and other necessary data.

Receive Inclusive Tracking Services with BeeSeen Solutions

When we take responsibility, we get you the best. BeeSeen Solutions power-packed call tracking services will take your business to a soaring level. We let our clients customize their requirements and work according to what fits their criteria.

Call tracking can be game turner, the well- processed trackings will take you up, or the poor one will pull your business down. An appropriate call tracking services will get you to the customer’s nerves and guide you by crafting your marketing strategies to draw you more calls and lead generation.

Diving into the depth of all the company’s calls gets you to know about the customer behavior, ongoing trends, competitions, and consequently, returns you with a great outcome.

The digital marketing space is expanding day by day. To get on the right edge of the competition, your business surely needs to take a step ahead of time. With the reliable and proven call tracking services of BeeSeen Solutions, you can drive high-quality calls in your bag.

See exactly how effective each marketing channel is, and make intelligent decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars.