Customer Appreciation: The Magical Spell for Customer Loyalty and Referrals.

While competing for visibility, market share, and increased revenue from the sale, most brands and organizations overlook the key aspect of customer retention. Customer retention is solely based on customer satisfaction. A satisfied client is bound to be loyal to your brand and organization and has the potential to be your biggest ambassador by way of referrals, no matter the noise surrounding them from your competitors.

Understand that the human need for being appreciated doesn’t solely depend on gifts and freebies. Being appreciated is a gesture of gratitude and a symbol of genuine care. Customer satisfaction is a complex mix of product satisfaction and excellent customer service and appreciation. Today we take a look at a few potential ways to strengthen our customer retention and loyalty by employing a few methods of client appreciation.

Personalize your Token of Appreciation:

Most brands and organizations run faceless businesses today. Clients buy online, speak to a customer service executive and provide feedback online. Amid this faceless regime, a personalized “Thank You” card or a handwritten letter may work wonders. Clients seldom open communication via emails, whereas a letter or a card could be a tangible token of appreciation. Ensure that the letter is not just a superficial gimmick to attract attention and is genuine and specific about the nature of your appreciation and gratitude.

Enlighten Your Community, Give Back:

Provide your customers and community with intelligent and useful material that assists them in their usage of your product or that makes a difference in their day-to-day life. Your expertise is valuable, and sharing it with your community not only empowers them but ensures brand development and recall and, most importantly, loyalty.

Just being efficient while handling customer queries or complaints isn’t enough anymore. Brands and organizations have to pre-empt and become proactive while handling customer requests. This enables fewer customer complaints, better brand development, and more followers, hence a larger and more impactful community.

Become Proactive:

According to a survey conducted by PwC regarding positive customer experience, 80% of the participants pointed out speed, knowledge, and customer friendliness as the most important. Customer appreciation, when correctly executed, is a powerful marketing tool that can ensure customer retention, brand development, and referrals.