Delivering outsourcing solutions that are
cost-effective and undertaken with the same
care that you have for your business.

The next generation of BPO is here, we offer a full suite of comprehensive Consulting and Outsourcing Solutions

BeeSeen Solutions will also help enhance your product and services, manage talent shortages while helping to keep operating costs low through leveraging cutting edge technologies along with access to its Global Network. BeeSeen Solutions helps you to focus on your core business competencies with the flexibility you need to thrive in the most challenging environments.
We leverage our expertise through industry-specific knowledge tied to a proven track record in performance and robotic process automation. This allows partners to run leaner operations, the sharpest processing, improve your productivity, and help you pass-on those transformational delights to support a positive customer experience.
Organizations regardless of private or public are wrestling with unprecedented challenges: economic uncertainty, market complexities, regulatory pressures and a continued changing of consumer expectations. BeeSeen Solutions commitment continues to be focused on being a Total Solutions Provider at every level.

We are the Next Generation of Business Process Outsourcing dedicated to Providing Premier Outsourcing Solutions. We offer a full suite of comprehensive solutions that are customizable to our partners needs. We collaborate to assist partners to allow us to define a broader spectrum of performance targets, including measurable business outcomes such as increased sales, better customer satisfaction, increased market share, maximized returns and higher levels of employee engagement and productivity.
We never lose site of the importance in Culture, Brand and Experience for each and everyone of our relationships.

End-to-End Customer Engagement Solutions

Measurable Business Outcomes

Should you Outsource your work?

Companies and business groups that lack the flexibility of responding to changing client, vendor, supplier and partner needs can find themselves at a distinct disadvantage.
Can you improve the way you run your business without losing the focus on increasing your market share and client base?
Are you empowering your people through the use of Intelligent Automation?
These are just some questions we focus on to always be a proactive partner who can be counted on to deliver solutions that allow partners to navigate in its day to day business needs.
All while never losing sight of the importance of brand image, corporate culture and the customer experience!

We act as an extension of our partners, and believe in open dialogue that is supported with forward thinking visions while always having a customer first philosophy.


End-to-End Customer Engagement Solutions

Measurable Business Outcomess

Partner Management

Leverage our international partner management experience to get the most from the global workforce. With experience building teams on a global scale, we understand the cultures, benefits, and drawbacks of sites around the world to help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Our partner management services include all stages of the process from due diligence to monitoring and management of quality control. Outsourcing aspects of the collection and recovery process generate increased in revenue streams, reduced costs, increased customer satisfaction and improved capital utilization.

Consulting Services

BeeSeen Solutions offers full-service executive consulting solutions to assist creditors with finding hidden value within their receivables. Services include 1st and 3rd party collections, business process outsourcing, debt sales, and more. Opportunities can be found through modifications to the origination process, creating efficiencies in the recoveries, or at a variety of other stages in the account life-cycle. Consulting engagements are customized to fit the needs of our clients ranging from providing advice to overseeing the execution of your strategic plan. We provide strategic guidance to navigate modeling, forecasting, due diligence, reporting, automation, and compliance.

Portfolio Marketing & Sales

Our team has developed strong relationships with companies that purchase receivables portfolios. We offer customized asset sales and marketing. We manage the entire sale process and recommend a best fit buyer. Our carefully selected network of RMA Certified acquisition partners provides our clients with a reliable outlet for distressed or charged off receivables. In addition to an increased cash flow to their bottom line, we ensure a reliable and compliant exit strategy to our clients at the end of their internal recovery cycle.

Master Servicing

BeeSeen Solutions offers full-service receivables portfolio master servicing for our clients. We provide full solutions from cradle to grave, including proven strategies to maximize portfolio value while minimizing associated risks. Through our extensive partner network, we customize strategies blending call-center based collections, litigation, lettering, asset sales, and other available strategic options.