What’s different about BeeSeen ranking reports?

In the SEO industry, it’s not unheard of to charge for every keyword gain and report on phrases listed on the seventh or tenth page of Google. But at BeeSeen Solutions, we’ve designed a different approach entirely. Rather than drowning clients in 20 page monthly reports that provide little impact and lots of talk, BeeSeen provides clients with a straightforward SEO report that shares a no-frills story about their results.

Keyword Positions

We only report on keyword data for the first two pages of search engines, which means we won’t ever proudly declare a #52 ranking. At BeeSeen, we only look at keywords that are #23 and up, because we understand user behavior. We know that people very rarely look beyond page two results, and we want to only share those phrases that deliver the most value to our clients.

6 Tabs

While some reports overwhelm users with obscene amounts of data, we stick to providing thorough information that actually matters. Reports include a useful summary tab, a keyword positions tab, a targeting tab, a links tab, information about previous reports, and a launch tab. Hire BeeSeen for SEO to see it in action!

Online Platform

Some SEO companies choose to send the monthly report as a PDF. While this may feel like a professional, official format, it’s inevitably clunky. By sending reports through an online link, business owners can access their monthly data at any time.

If you feel like it’s time to get started with an SEO company that values your time and your intellect, contact BeeSeen Solutions on Long Island!